INEDES is an acronym of Institute Energy and Sustainable Development and represents a non-profit association, created in March 25, 2010, which founders were experts who worked for several years in the area of social responsibility in the Brazilian electric sector. The motivation for its creation came from the quantity and magnitude of environmental problems in the Amazon region of Brazil in general and in particular at the energy sector, as well as the small amount of qualified people to work on solving these problems.

The strategy adopted by INEDES involves getting skills to work in a multidisciplinary and integrated way, searching for consistent solutions to the Amazonian environmental problems. The list of projects developed and under development by INEDES shows the effectiveness of such strategy.

To develop and disseminate solutions that contribute to the decent living conditions on planet earth in harmony with the resources and services provided by nature.

Being an institute internationally recognized for integrity, excellence and magnitude of its actions.
Ethics and professional behavior, social commitment, competence, quality, organization and perseverance.

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